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Family hopes psychic can provide answers about teen’s death [from WRAL. Joshua Davis’ body was found along a road, and the psychic has told the family"that a car came by with something sticking out of the window and hit Joshua on the head. That same theory is something the Garner Police Department seriously considered. The psychic said police will make an arrest next week. It’s at , and it came from a conference four years ago dealing with resistance to evolution curricula in the schools. Grants from the National Science Foundation and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute were used to set up the site and"to develop a version for the general public and another for students. It provides a history of evolutionary thought and discusses"misconceptions” and"pitfalls” that teachers may confront in explaining evolutionary concepts. How Design beat Darwin http: Imagine writing in , on the th anniversary of the famous Scopes"monkey” trial, and explain how Darwinism has bit the dust, unable to rebut the evidence that what we see around us could not have arisen merely by time plus chance.

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Northern Territory, April After cyclone Monica swept across the Northern Territory in April a few trees were down so Fred Buckland went to work at Corroboree Park near Darwin to remove a tree that was leaning against the enclosure of a crocodile named Brutus.

When Charles Darwin visited the Azores islands in the 19th Century, the birds he observed were familiar to him. The recent discovery in these Portuguese islands and in Madeira of five extinct species of rail, which lost the ability to fly due to having evolved on islands, confirms how fragile they are in the face of changes to their habitat like the ones that must have occurred after the first visits by humans over years ago.

In his diary he only mentions the existence of starlings, wagtails, finches and blackbirds; however, on the islands also lay the remains of other birds which populated the islands a few centuries before his visit. A new study, published in Zootaxa, now highlights the discovery of five extinct rail species, two in Madeira and three in the Azores. The five new species discovered in Madeira and Azores. From left to right: According to dating obtained from the bones of these birds, or from those of other species found which were associated to them, these five extinct species lived until fairly recently, especially the Azores rails.

According to the scientist, in Madeira the extinction may have been related to a possible visit by the Vikings whether it was a colonisation is still not verified , who could have transported mice to the island. These would have brought about the disappearance of rails and other birds. Ground-dwelling birds Today, there are only 13 living rail species of the Rallus genus. Two or three thousand insular rail species rallids are thought to have lived in the Pacific.

In the Atlantic, only on the most remote islands, such as Tristan da Cunha and Gough, are there surviving indigenous rail species today; however, in the Antilles, Bermuda and on the islands of Ascension and Saint Helena, extinct species have been found.

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John, are you those elements are being created or discovered? The elements are being created. There is no problem if certain whatever is newly created, everything is already in place. Every information has a source. There is no information in the middle of the sun of which I am aware. God is that source. Without God where does information come from? Why is the genome of an onion 5 times larger than that of a human?

If there is no God, how do you tell right from wrong? Is it the individual? Define right and wrong. Jack Napper June 10, at I rose to that challenge giving you links to not one, not report, but three non Christian websites. It is foolish for you to beat that drum again.

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The following article contains extremely distressing content. Proceed at your own risk. I have absolutely no idea how to even begin writing a story like this. Its long line of luck finally ran out a few days ago, with the dog being taken by a croc and killed. So yes, the video embedded below features a dog running up to a crocodile, who then kills it and drags it into the river. We cannot stress this enough.

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Leliyn Edith Falls Leliyn Edith Falls on the western side of the Park, is reached by turning off the Stuart Highway 42km north of Katherine then following a sealed road for a further 19km. Swimming is the most popular pastime at Leliyn. Both the lower and upper pools are excellent swimming spots, as is Sweetwater Pool. They are open year round, but may be closed due to dangerous conditions at times during the wet season. Picnic and camping facilities are provided at the Falls.

Limited gas barbecues, tables and an ablution block with toilet and shower facilities are provided for your use. There is a kiosk where you can obtain your permit for camping at Sweetwater, purchase food and drinks and pay your camping fees. Camping – Leliyn has a landscaped campground with unpowered sites. Generators are not permitted. Camping fees apply and should be paid at the kiosk near the picnic area.

When the kiosk is open, campers should pay fees before setting up camp. After hours visitors should find a site and pay fees at the kiosk the next day.

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The other, which changes name, crosses the north from Western Australia to Katherine, jogs south to about Tennant Creek, then continues to Mount Isa in Queensland. The northern portion of the Territory is known as the Top End. The area south of Tennant Creek is arid to semi-arid to well south of the border with South Australia. Temperatures vary greatly across the year and also within a day.

Darwin: Darwin in the capital of the Northern Territory. Its rich, diverse history is dominated by the Christmas Day Cyclone Tracey and the World War 2 bombing of Darwin.

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As evidenced by the minutes of the Darwin Power Boat Club courtesy of Josephine Saunders , the two organisations contributed greatly to establishing the rules of the event and its running in the early years. Paul had got as far as the concept of a beer can raft, when Lutz came up with the idea of putting an out an outboard motor on the back and the idea of racing beer can boats was born. We believe that beer can boat design work occurred during both and , as we have unsubstantiated reports of beer can boats on Darwin harbour in both years.

The beer can boat design work was not without issue and there was an accident that nearly killed Lutz in October A boat had been left with its motor idling, but with no-one at the helm, when the engine engaged and ran over Lutz. The combined Lions Clubs have indeed run the event every year since , and are looking forward to continuing to do so.

Moa were nine species (in six genera) of flightless birds endemic to New Zealand. The two largest species, Dinornis robustus and Dinornis novaezelandiae, reached about m (12 ft) in height with neck outstretched, and weighed about kg ( lb). It is estimated that, when Polynesians settled New Zealand circa , the moa population was about 58,

It appeared to be a harmless spec on the camera lens as news anchor Jonathan Uptin read the evening bulletin on Thursday. But to some, it was an indicator of something far more sinister. As the Channel Nine anchor began to read his regular broadcast, a disk shaped, grey, unidentified object appeared above his left shoulder on the backdrop. A grey, disk shaped, unidentified object appeared behind Channel Nine’s news anchor Jonathan Uptin on Thursday night The object instantly sparked rumours that the broadcast had captured footage of a UFO sighting.

With his back turned to the scene, Mr Uptin admitted he hadn’t originally noticed the dark shape. However, after being notified by his news director halfway through reading the news, he admitted he tried to take a quick look, but by this point it had disappeared. The object instantly sparked rumours that the broadcast had captured footage of a UFO sighting, with Mr Uptin joking that he feared for his safety ‘It is a real concern obviously but because I was facing the camera I didn’t know what was going on behind me, so I wasn’t as petrified as I should have been,’ Mr Uptin told NT News.

He later revealed the mystery behind the smear, saying ‘The truth is it was a bug that we couldn’t get off the lens of our camera’.

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