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Why do so many fangirls hate Kikyo, and love Kagome

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1 Sakura Haruno (Naruto) Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.. She’s the most annoying, most crybaby like, most pissing of the fans of the serie and most ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in the whole naruto and naruto shipuuden time.

Miroku and his friends get stuck taking the tests. Shippo makes fun of Inuyasha and climbs in rank. Every time Inuyasha tries to attack, he is undermined by demonic energy. In order to be able to quickly use the demonic power well, Inuyasha has no choice but to go through training. But Moryomaru, who wants his Shikon shards, catches Koga. Inuyasha counterattacks, despite enduring some fierce blows, but all of his attacks aimed at the Mirror Demon end up being taken by Kanna.

To cleanse it of the poison, the Master of Potions says she must defeat the demon inside the jug. Totosai tries to persuade Sesshomaru that he will surpass his father once he is able to abandon his attachment to the sword as well as his hatred of Inuyasha. Inuyasha turns into his demon form and tries to attack, but Sesshomaru fires his Meido Zangetsuha.

But she comes back to life and locks Kagome within a barrier. Kagome is worried, but she has to buckle down and study for her entrance exams… Episode 18 Sub The Day of Days Kohaku remains unconscious after being stared down by Magatsuhi, the evil will. Kagome is worried, but she has to buckle down and study for her entrance exams, so she decides to return home. Magatsuhi finds Kohaku lying unconscious, and he tries to deliver his Shikon shard to Naraku. Episode 21 Dub Inside Naraku Kagome graduates from middle school and returns to the feudal era.

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Suddenly finding herself in feudal Japan, schoolgirl Kagome teams up with half-demon Inuyasha to retrieve the scattered shards of a sacred jewel. Watch trailers & learn more.

Naraku crosses it when he breaks up InuYasha and Kikyo, which leads the former to being pinned on a tree for 50 years and the latter to her death, as well as putting a curse on Miroku’s family that slowly destroys them; and that’s before he’s even properly introduced. And once he is introduced, it’s really hard to pick when he crosses in the main story, things like turning Kohaku into a Tyke Bomb to kill his own family and then uses that guilt to make him do his bidding, landing a mortal wound on Kikyo at Mt.

Hakurei, having Kagura and Kanna killed because he had no more use for them, trying to have Kagome kill Inuyasha the same way Kikyo sealed Inuyasha and killing those allied with him once they served their use. It is taken even further by the anime, where he really crosses the line between The Corrupter and Evil Genius into an utter monster when it’s revealed that 15 years ago he tried to kill a young priestess named Hitomiko just because of the small possibility she might pose a threat.

Taigokumaru, a nasty bat yokai who manipulates his own granddaughter to do his bidding crosses it when he reveals that he murdered his own son for fraternizing with a human. Goshinki crosses it when he gloats about killing two orphaned village children about killing their parents. Renkotsu when he kills Jakotsu to get his Jewel Shard. Moryomaru when he gloats about Kagura’s death. Gantenmaru and his men cross it when the former drains women’s essence in front of Inuyasha and the latter cross it when they still help their boss even after he’s revealed to be a blood sucking demon.

A lot of the drama of “The Final Act” is hurt by Kohaku’s heavy involvement. Not plot-wise there’s a lot to wrap up there , but because his English voice actor is a master of Dull Surprise. The dog demon forms of Sesshomaru and his and Inuyasha’s father can come off as more cute than scary due to the rather feminine-looking dog ears. While the manga is good at producing frightening demons Magatsuhi’s true face can be more Narmy than actually scary. Due to the long nature of the series, several characters whose prominence is in one arc and never appear again are this, including an old exorcist woman from the Demon head arc, several possible Ship Tease interests and a great deal of demons and villains whose traits are as or more so interesting than the main villain and his overall scheme; most particularly the Band of Seven.


Basic story[ change change source ] This is a story started by a girl shooting a boy who has dog ears and white hair. Her little sister, Kaede , runs to her side calling “Sister Kikyo! Reincarnation[ change change source ] But, Kikyo’s not dead yet, because of her reincarnation , meaning Kikyo became alive again to another person, who is a girl called Kagome.

The Web’s #1 News and Information Network Celebrating the Works of Rumiko Takahashi. Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha, Kyokai no Rinne, Kyoukai no Rinne, Mermaid Saga, One-Pound Gospel, Rumic Theater, etc.

The young miko nodded in agreement. The wind blows, making the leaves were blown away. That afternoon, the situation is very peaceful. However, that does not mean there are no distractions, a lot of demons that roam disturb the peace of the villages. Eventually they both arrived at Jinenji’s. Kagome smiled towards Jinenji. Jinenji saw her, and replied with a smile. Jinenji’s mother waved to Inuyasha and Kagome.

Kagome trained with Jinenji about medicinal herbs, even poisonous. Toxic herbal medicine that serves to deceive the opponent, to make them unable to move, even killing opponents. Kagome also learn about medicinal herbs which serve as a remedy to heal wounds.

what episode does InuYasha start falling for Kagome

She just gets on my nerves Wow, this person is more annoying than Nagisa. But the worst part was when he, Maka and Kid were trying to resonate and he just downright insults, humiliates and genuinely upsets Maka my joint favourite character. He picks fights for no reason and belittles his ‘so called’ friends. I honestly never routed for this guy during any of his fights. Nobody likes a cocky arrogant jerk. BlackStar is one of the most annoying characters.

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Enjoyment 9 Every so often a manga series comes along that the average reader will find daunting for one reason or another. It may be that the scope of the story is too great, or the number of chapters may be too large, or the drawing style may not be to taste, or some other reason entirely. Whatever the case may be, there are many out there who will be put off reading a manga for one reason or another. That said, there is sometimes justification for not even starting a manga, especially as there are those that really can’t cut the mustard.

And then there’s the ones like InuYasha. Created by the reknowned Takahashi Rumiko in , InuYasha remains her longest work to date. At an astounding chapters, it is also one of the longest manga in existence, so it’s more than a little odd that, while many people are happy to read long running shounen manga like Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, HSD Kenichi, etc, when faced with something like InuYasha, the majority of people tend to ignore it without even giving it a chance.

Granted the manga is a lengthy read, but it’s also an extremely rewarding one too. The story begins with a half dog demon, half human known as a hanyou , called InuYasha, who has attacked a village to claim the Shikon no Tama, a mystical jewel that can increase a demon’s power which he plans to use to become a fully fledged youkai.

Before he can escape though, a badly wounded miko called Kikyou pins him to a tree with a holy arrow, supposedly sealing him for all eternity. Shortly afterwards, Kikyou passes away, and as per her instructions, her body is burned together with the Shikon no Tama. It’s fair to say that InuYasha is a shounen manga par excellence. The plot, which is not only well developed, but also has many twists, turns, loops and double crosses, also features some innovative approaches to the standard quest format.

Granted there are occasions when the plot gets a little placid, however in terms of the story these are actually used to give the characters a break from all the stress and combat.

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Batgirl apparently has some interesting dreams. When a sleeper is dreaming, they sometimes also talk. In Real Life , these verbal fragments are more likely to be random nonsense like in the page image than anything linear or relevant—let alone any kind of deep or embarrassing secrets—but this is fictionland In fiction and media, anything spoken whilst dreaming is intelligible and usually deeply meaningful, offering up insights into the hidden life of our heroes.

brown phantom is a fanfiction author that has written 50 stories for Ranma, Inuyasha, Urusei Yatsura, Legend of Zelda, Naruto, Bleach, Spectacular Spider-Man, Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン, Ben 10, Secret Saturdays, RIN-NE/境界のRINNE, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

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What others think about Inu Yasha By: Andrew Thurman on Jun 8, I love watching the anime and reading the manga, too bad the series ended By: Kaimina on May 31, Inuyasha is a half demon. In movie 3 Sesshomaru tells his father to give him the sword that can kill a demons in 1 shot and his father refuses.

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Azumanga Daioh , though the girls here wear modest-length skirts and full-coverage tops. Bleach has Karin and Yuzu wear these after the Time Skip. Lisa Yadomaru wears one, but it’s tight enough for her to Bare Your Midriff. Hidamari Sketch Mazinger Z: Sayaka Yumi in the Go Nagai manga in the anime she didn’t go to school due to her work at the Institute, thus she didn’t wear any uniform. Ironically, given that she was created by the man who introduced Fanservice in manga, she wears a modest-length skirt.

Kamen Rider Agito: Kazaya Mana is a less straight example, since she doesn’t wear the sailor suit.. Kamen Rider Double: Two of Shotaro’s informants, Queen and Elizabeth are apparently schoolgirls. “Joshikousei” is Shotaro’s nickname for Akiko, since she behaves more like a .

InuYasha[ change change source ] Inuyasha is the main character of the series. His father was a great demon general and the ruler of the western lands, his mother was a human princess who went against social standards and bore a demons child. His father died the day he was born, protecting his mother and his mother later dies when he is a small child most likely under the age of ten, although it is never really explained.

He uses a weapon called the Tetsusaiga, which is a sword made from his father’s fang, it can kill a hundred demons in a single swing. On the new moon his demon blood wanes and he becomes human for one night. Fifty years before the start of the anime, Inuyasha meets a priestess by the name of Kikyo, while searching for the legendary Shikon no Toma. He wants to use the jewel to become a full demon, so he can become strong. Kikyo is the keeper of the jewel and a fair match for Inuyasha, he is never able to get the jewel from her.

The two form a strange relationship with each other because they are both outcasts because of their individual lots in life. They fall in love with each other and Kikyo ask Inuyasha to become a human for two reasons. First, so she and Inuyasha can be together unhindered by social constraints and second because she believes it will purify the Shikon no Toma, ending her obligation to protect the jewel. Inuyasha reluctantly agrees because he wants to live a normal life.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, a demon named Naraku foils their plan turning them against each other.


Her family in modern-day Japan lives near an ancient shrine. She is a miko Shinto Shrine Maiden, or a type of priestess and is the reincarnation of Kikyo. One day, year-old Kagome is searching for her cat in the shrine’s old well and is pulled into it by a centipede woman, climbing out of the bottom of the well into a field in feudal Japan.

She was found by Kaede, a village priestess, but upon returning to the well, she finds a white-haired, dog-eared boy pinned to a tree. She freed him after being chased by the same creature that brought her there, Mistress Centipede.

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This article is a non-fanon page. Non-fanon means if it is not fanmade or it is also canon. Kagome Higurashi is a character in the anime Inuyasha. They emerge in the feudal era, where the demon extracts the newly reborn gem from Kagome. Kagome accidentally shatters the jewel into hundreds of fragments that disperse all throughout Japan. Contents [ show ] Personality Although she was just a normal, modern girl, Kagome was strangely unfazed by the horrors, violence, and death in the Warring States era because of her strong spirit.

Even with this, she was not without her flawed, quirky side, which is typical of a girl her age. She was unforgiving of anyone who opposed her sense of justice, even when there was a large difference in power. A notable example of this was when she almost killed Naraku out of her disgust and fury towards his evil, manipulative nature. Since then, she had wanted him destroyed as much as her companions. Without waiting for someone to help her, she jumps into situations that sometimes put her in danger.

However, she never learns her lesson.

Inuyasha Questions including “What ever happened to the Headbangers”

Lelouch of the Rebellion It’s not rare to find an ambitious anime where the show’s creators try to tackle multiple themes and issues only to fail — or sometimes even crash and burn. Code Geass itself is crammed with observations about power, racism, love, war, culture, history, justice, violence and societal standing but manages to tie everything together beautifully, though not without a few ass-pull moments.

Code Geass introduces us to one of the most prominent anti-heroes in anime, Lelouch vi Britannia, an abandoned prince of an empire that has conquered most of the world and forced foreign populations into servitude and poverty. After wishing to change the world for his crippled sister, Nunnaly, Lelouch is granted the power of geass, which manifests as a power to bend people to his will.

AbsentAngel is a fanfiction author that has written 34 stories for Inuyasha, Gundam Wing/AC, Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Sango groping Miroku’s butt in order to make sure he isn’t Shippo. What goes around comes around. Aw, he made a really mean face at me. And, Inuyasha, so are you. Hearing it made me feel kinda sick. His response is even better in the English Dub: That just sounded really wrong. In one episode, Kagome explains to Inuyasha the concept of “family reunion”.

Cue to Inuyasha thinking of he and Sesshomaru ”eye-zapping” each other over sushi.

Kagome’s Friends meet Inuyasha