Psycho Series Jesse after his Xbox is destroyed by his father In , just on the verge of Christmas, Jesse Ridgway, having a strong passion for gaming, gets his Xbox console thrashed by his father. He later ran over the games with a lawnmower. Jeffrey told on him, which led to a big argument between Jesse and his father, with Jesse ending up smashing his dad’s TV with a baseball bat. He then temporarily moved out and came back eventually. He was caught coming in the house by his dad, and he throws it through the car windows when he founds out Jesse got the money from his mother. Jesse decided to set the tree on fire because he didn’t get the Wii U he wanted. His mother ends up getting him one at the end of the video. He then comes in and takes his monitor and destroys it. Kate ends up smashing Jeffrey’s tablet against the corner of a wall. One day while in London, Jesse stays in the hotel playing on his DS while his dad went sightseeing.

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The Star Wars Holiday Special. There exists an obscure film called Geek Maggot Bingo. Of the entire film, the Word Salad Title is probably the least bizarre; there are cowboys, mad scientists, vampires, hunchbacks, transvestites, phones made of cardboard, cats covered with marker scribblings, the cheapest props and special effects you’ll ever see that are somehow strangely creative , at least a dozen samples of stolen music, and that barely scratches the surface of how screwed up this film is.

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Despite being smarter and more competent than her game counterpart, she does not bear the Triforce of Wisdom, which Impa possesses instead. The reasons for this are unknown. Contents [ show ] Personality Zelda often shows herself to be more rational and competent than King Harkinian and Link. Unfortunately, she’s also often the one who has to put up with their antics, making her quite bitter towards them. Despite being disappointed with Link’s gullibility and whining, she loves Link and Link loves her back.

The two have gone on several dates together. Although Link saved Zelda’s ass from Ganon, she never thanked him, so Link sent her to hell and looked for another, more grateful girlfriend. Powers and Abilities Zelda has almost no special powers, save for using chains to tie up Ganon. She, like Link, is excellent at swordplay and will not hesitate to threaten characters with her sword.

Childhood During her childhood, she criticized the other girls in the High School to which they responded by raping her in the hallway.

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She mainly focuses on vlogging, fashion and make-up. Her fan base is made up of over 5, , subscribers or “Marzipans. He wrote back and they began communication through Facebook until Felix traveled to Italy several times to visit her from August through October of Marzia went to Sweden to live with him for a period of time until when Felix moved to San Paolo, Italy.

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The Stun Gun Dropping his opponent throat first onto the top rope Trademark move: Axe Handle Elbow Drop Trademark move: Mudhole Stomping Corner Stomps Finishing move: Stone Cold Stunner Stunner Wore a knee brace on his left knee then eventually both knees. Wears a black leather vest as a part of his ring attire. One of the greatest wrestlers of the 20th century. Ranked number 4 in a poll for the best 10 nicknames in wrestling with the nickname “Stone Cold”.

Six-time World Wrestling Federation Champion. Jeannie served as Austin’s valet for several years. She was known as “Lady Blossom” and used to wrestle Adams’ second wife Toni, in mixed tag-team matches Austin would be her partner while Adams teamed with his wife. Attended the University of North Texas.

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Talking Ben Hi, guys! Oh, right — FUN! My ideas are legendary. My dreams are BIG. We are going places, I guarantee it.

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But when an evil force suddenly threatens Starland, twelve star-charmed teen girls are chosen and sent on the most magical adventures of their lives When it comes to energy manipulations, she can out-glow anyone! But, sometimes she says things without thinking and then falls all over herself apologizing. Confident and lightheartedly luminous, Sage always looks on the bright side and naturally attracts others into her orbit.

Libby Libby is positively radiant inside and out. Growing up in an astronomically wealthy family, Libby has always gotten what she wanted. But, thanks to a special little girl, Libby now finds joy in helping others around her. In fact, she glows with generosity and gratitude. Libby aspires to become the student body president of Starling Academy to continue extending her helping hand. Leona Leona glimmers with self-confidence. Vega Vega is the brightest star in school, working harder than any other student at Starling Academy.

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The Filter Does a personalised number plate make you a terrible person? Does owning a personalised number plate immediately identify you as having more money than sense? But would that be a good thing, and what would it say about me?

About. Dashie is a Dominican-American YouTuber who’s real name is Charlie Guzman, that is rapidly becoming more and more famous. He is the main focus on this wiki, and has a couple of YouTube channels revolving around comedy skits, fan mail read-outs, unboxing videos and gaming videos of a variety of games with commentary.

He mainly uploads playthroughs of various video games, most notably horror games, such as Neverending Nightmares , Amnesia: His full-toned voice, in-depth style of gameplay commentary and multiple charitable acts have spanned a highly successful YouTube career. He is half-Korean from his mother and half-German from his father, but despite his background he is only fluent in English.

He has attempted to speak Portuguese and other languages, but as per usual, it ends horribly. He knows some basic Korean courtesy of his mother, but very little. Mark’s father passed away after a long battle with cancer when Mark was 18, which led him to become very depressed. Mark studied to become a biomedical engineer at the University of Cincinnati, but dropped out of college because it was too stressful for him. Mark often hosts monthly charity livestreams almost all of which are on a Saturday around the middle to end of the month in which he raises money to donate to charities like the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Along with being a successful YouTuber, he is also an aspiring singer and song writter. YouTube Career His first channel was known as “Markiplier”. It was his original gaming channel. Due to a problem, this channel couldn’t be partnered, so Mark started a new gaming channel so he could be partnered.


Share this article Share Debbie – who was a waitress and a Playboy bunny before pursuing a career in music – wears a peach-colored fuzzy turtleneck sweater in the image, staring at the camera with her signature bedroom eyes. When we were out on tour, or doing stuff, I would always have a camera around Another picture taken a year earlier shows her cuddling up to a young David Bowie backstage during Iggy Pop’s Idiot Tour, in which Bowie played the keyboard.

In a third shot, this one taken in , the platinum blonde strikes a provocative pose for Creem magazine wearing an animal print body suit. In another photo from the late 70s, Debbie – who was a waitress and a Playboy bunny before pursuing a career in music – sits on a train reading the newspaper Observations: And in a close up shot, Mr Stein can be seen in the reflection of her aviator sunglasses, snapping a photo from the city streets as she looks back at him, her hair blowing in the wind.

In , Mr Stein photographed the platinum blonde striking a provocative pose for Creem magazine in an animal print body suit Chemistry:

YTP was made on the backs of copyright infringement in the same way vidding was a fascination in the s. If vidding gave us the framework for remixing works without care or regard for trademarks, the tradition has found a new place in the Montage parody/MLG video scene.

DashieXP2 For some reason, this channel has a lot less subscribers than Dashie’s other two main channels. It revolves around reading fan mail, unboxing videos, and videos where he records him and his friends hanging out in town in a series called ‘ Hanging with Dashie ‘. Negativity and Criticism Trolls Dashie will sometimes receive spam comments on his comment section, but these are mostly ignored. Trolls will infrequently cause advertising for fake products or hate from people who generally dislike Dashie’s loud personality.

Fanbase Even though his fanbase is teenagers or perhaps younger, his fanbase is surprisingly mature and not overly-loyal at least to some extent. However, as years have gone on his audience has reeled in a lot of irresponsible younger children which can cause problems. Gladly, there are not a lot of arguments in the comments sections, just unoriginal jokes which are probably a lot more preferrable. Hate Hate is rare on Dashie’s channels, but any hate is usually when a video of his becomes popular and is seen by the wrong audience.

However, any fan can hate. Some die-hard Dashie fans who have watched him from the start blame Charlie for him not being as good as he used to be in a lot of respects. The average fan will get annoyed if Dashie keeps posting videos on his gameplay channel for games that are boring or not enjoyable to watch. Trivia Dashie was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Florida with his family at the age of 8. He now resides in California and is closer to his real-life homies.

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