# Car Battery Amp Hr #

# Car Battery Amp Hr #

How do I power my Raspberry Pi? The least complicated, but most stringent in terms of power requirement is the Raspberry Pi! The latest version of the Pi 2 can be powered effectively in a couple of ways. The recommended input voltage is 5V, and the recommended input current is 2A. The reason for increasing the voltage slightly is to negate any voltage drop caused by excessive current draw. This is well within tolerance for Micro-USB, and from experience, we have found that this give the best stability for most applications. The Raspberry Pi can function on lower current power supplies e. This is demonstrated below: It should be noted that, unlike the Micro-USB port, there is no regulation or fuse protection on the GPIO to protect from over-voltage or current spikes. If an incorrect voltage is applied, or a current spike occurs on the line you can permanently damage your Raspberry Pi.

How to hook a car amp up to your PC

All UPSes that you buy at the store only have a short run time. I wanted a couple hours. An inverter-charger is basically a UPS, except you can connect any amount of batteries you please and normally the batteries you’d buy for this will be much bigger, marine batteries.

When you shut the car off the wire loses power and the head unit and amplifier will both turn off. Your amp will be on when your car is on and off when you car is off. If you don’t want the amplifier to always be on when the car is on you could wire a simple switch inline with this new remote wire.

RedJohn I assume you mean a separate automotive power amplifier. Yes, you can, but I really wouldn’t recommend it. First, you need a 12 VDC power supply with sufficient current capacity. This is a problem even in cars – amplifiers are often current-starved because the electrical system simply does not have the capacity to supply the amplifier’s demands. How much current you would need would depend on your amplifier, but I would expect you to need a power supply with a continuous output capacity of no less than 10 A.

The higher the better, as transients can easily mutiply this by a factor of five or ten.

wiring a computer fan to cool amplifier

Marine stereos are designed to be used on Boats so they run off of 12 volt battery power. But what if you want to use a marine stereo in your hot tub, on your patio or by your pool and you need to be able to plug it into a wall socket? You will need a 12 volt power supply like this one that can adapt the power from your home to the type of power that your stereo can use. Not just any 12 volt adapter will do. These little power supplies that you commonly see, I call them wall warts are not going to do the job because they don’t provide enough amperage.

Oct 10,  · I am trieng to figure out the difference between a 12V power supply and a 12V lead acid battery charger. Can a power supply be used as a car Battery charger aswell or can somone please explain to me the difference.

But the problem is, I can’t afford a power supply that can provide enough amps through a single 12v rail. If I buy a power supply that has dual 12v rails, can I wire them together in order to provide enough amps to the TEC? I won’t have anything else hooked to this power supply, only the TEC. Thanks in advance for the help!!! I have to disagree with waht on this one. You might be able to parallel the two power supplies to increase the overall output current, but in general that may not work.

There are two potential issues — stability and output voltage. Stability can be a problem because you will have two separate switching power supply loops that are both trying to stabilize the output voltage, and they can talk to each other and cause oscillations or even worse, overvoltages. The second problem is that each of the two power supplies can only pull the output rail up, and will only pull up supply output current if they see that the rail is at or below the output voltage that they are trying to get to.

So if one supply’s output voltage stand-alone is Paralleling power supplies in the general case is a pretty difficult problem, and requires some extra circuit features to make it work reliably.

So what’s all this rubbish about multiple 12 volt rails

Kool Kats Fly RC!! Originally Posted by abenn Even though you measured or it specifies How far it drops depends on the charger and on how many amps the load is.

I have a JVC stereo system that i dont know how to hook up. i dont know what get plugged into what. I have the following – Answered by a verified Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

If you get no reading, wiggle, squeeze, squish, and otherwise abuse the cord both at the wall wart end and at the device end. You may be able to get it to make momentary contact and confirm that the adapter itself is functioning. The most common problem is one or both conductors breaking internally at one of the ends due to continuous bending and stretching. Make sure the outlet is live – check with a lamp.

Make sure any voltage selector switch is set to the correct position. Move it back and forth a couple of times to make sure the contacts are clean. If the voltage readings check out for now, then wiggle the cord as above in any case to make sure the internal wiring is intact – it may be intermittent. Although it is possible for the adapter to fail in peculiar ways, a satisfactory voltage test should indicate that the adapter is functioning correctly.

It’s also possible that the power jack on the device itself is damaged from use or abuse.

How To Set Up a Power Amp

How portable do you want your solar generator to be? Think about how heavy and large it should be? Are you going to use a hand truck to carry around a huge toolbox filled with batteries and a large solar panel or do you want a tiny one that will fit in your glove box? The wiring and concept will be the same for either size so the choice is yours. I wanted something in between that I could carry but still had some decent capacity to do some work. The Container First I bought a case that would be a good jumping off point that I could fit a 10 watt solar panel on and in.

I use this to power several lithium polymer battery chargers (used for R/C flight), one of which is a four station device that can draw up to amps, the others are limited to 6 amps each but the total load could be theoretical amps although my usage would never approach that.

Charging with a Power Supply Learn how to charge a battery without a designated charger. Batteries can be charged manually with a power supply featuring user-adjustable voltage and current limiting. I stress manual because charging needs the know-how and can never be left unattended; charge termination is not automated. Because of difficulties in detecting full charge with nickel-based batteries, I recommend charging only lead and lithium-based batteries manually.

Lead Acid Before connecting the battery, calculate the charge voltage according to the number of cells in series, and then set the desired voltage and current limit. To charge a volt lead acid battery six cells to a voltage limit of 2. Select the charge current according to battery size. For lead acid, this is between 10 and 30 percent of the rated capacity. A 10Ah battery at 30 percent charges at about 3A; the percentage can be lower.

An 80Ah starter battery may charge at 8A. A 10 percent charge rate is equal to 0. Observe the battery temperature, voltage and current during charge. Charge only at ambient temperatures in a well-ventilated room.

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Open Circuit Voltage fully charged: I want to replace the power supplies for a battery pack. I need about Ah, so Im thinking 2 12v Ah connected in series. I think it will, but rather ask the expert. I also have a minnkota 36V TM on the bow. Previous electronics were older lowrance units and TM was a 24v system.

The watt has a unique power supply Marshall watt power supply diagram. Hoffman AB One Channel The easiest way to drain your filter caps is to warm up the amp and then play the amp. Randall 50/ watt head PC board power amp layout. Personal stuff My Main guitars and some amp .

The voltage and polarity of the power supply must match. Amps and watts have some flexibility. Both units are The short answer is that you may be able to use that watt power supply with your new machine, which came with a watt supply, if a couple of conditions are met. Become a Patron of Ask Leo! The short rules boil down to this: The output connector must match. The polarity of the output connector must match. The output voltage must be the same. In addition, The output amperage must be greater than or equal to that required by the laptop.

There are two sets of numbers we care about: Input specifies what power your power supply itself requires from wherever you plug it into. This is simply what your power supply takes as its input from your wall socket.

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Connection diagram The charge current depends on both the car voltage and the state of charge of the battery. When the car is running the blue curve applies. Questions and Answers 1. My application needs more pass-through current, what can I do?

November 17, 12 volt power supply and DC UPS for use in cars, 3 amp Automotive battery backup system. 12 volt DC UPS module keeps 12 volt equipment alive in cars and taxis using an external sealed lead acid battery and acts as a battery back-up (BBU).

Comments The other weekend, I sat down and sorted through all my random electronics junk. As part of that process, I took all my power supplies and adapters and threw them into a box. It ended up being a pretty big box. Having so many chargers can be pretty frustrating. And once that happens, it can be incredibly difficult to figure out which goes with which.

The default solution to this is to try random plugs until you find one that fits into your device. However, this is a big gamble.

Convert car stereo to home stereo

Using a wiper motor in your Halloween projects by Scary Terry Ever since I posted some projects using wiper motors, I’ve gotten a steady stream of email asking questions about how to use them in Halloween devices. There’s a lot of information on the web dealing with wiper motor use in cars imagine that! This page is my attempt to provide some information for how to use them in other devices.

I am certainly not an expert on the subject, just one who has used them in many projects and would like to share what I’ve learned. This web page is based on the motor made by Trico their part for Saturn Automobiles. Since so many of these motors were sold, I will keep the specific info for them up for some time to come.

VoomPC™ Automotive PC Enclosure Mini-ITX Car PC EnclosureON/OFF controller and to the ON/OFF motherboard switch. (consult your PSU manual). Hook up Monitor, Keyboard, etc and test your system by turning ignition ON. power supply and probably your car’s electrical system.

What do guitarists need for amp rig consulting? Uses the built-in camera mic. The limited guitar-playing ability here shows the benefit of dry-guitar files per the Amptone Reamp Project , useful for amp builders, power-tube circuit designers, and preamp distortion circuit designers. Mike Ralph’s DIY speaker cabinet isolation box — fits a 2×12 cab. Added July 29, Link added July 29, Do you offer an FX loop option in the Ultimate Attenuator placed between the dummy load and the solid-state amp?

Added note about preamp-centric vs. Added a summary of how the Valvetronix amp needs to be improved for next-generation valve-based modelling technology. Added criticism of the power-tube distortion sound resulting from a 12AX7 preamp tube. New pages and links Objectives of Amptone. These need to stop remaining “new” and “esoteric subjects”; they need to become routinely familiar concepts for everyone, including gear designers, columnists and gear reviewers, guitarists, and book authors.

I am dissatisfied with the take-up speed of the ideas at this site — we need to accelerate and get on with spreading this information that so many individuals have found useful. I’m also disappointed to see Amptone.


Most only provide 5 meters because of the power they need to power up properly. So they try and sell you a cheap 12volt apadter used for each 5M strips but also the guys who sell them up to 20Metres does not mean you can use the entire length because the PCB traces might burn out caused by overloading them. You need to check with the seller how you can use them. The market is flooded with various makes and knock offs- so make sure you can get the specifications.

They were cold so I left them for another 30 minutes and still cold, so they could handle the extra power.

Nov 09,  · look in any commercial power supply catalogue and you will see they are classified as single, dual or even triple voltage output. what you want is a dual voltage supply.

Car Audio Capacitor Installation There is often a lot of confusion on how to wire a car audio capacitor a. There are two terminals on a car audio capacitor. A positive and a negative. The negative terminal is connected to ground. See the diagram below. If you have a third smaller terminal it is probably the remote turn on for a digital display. This will cause your amplifier’s power supply to be cut off. The power capacitor acts like a small battery power storage so it is connected as shown in the diagram.

Car Amplifier and Subwoofer Powered By Computer Power Supply Tutorial

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